Our commitment to our patients remains same. Our patients are our highest priority. We want to provide them best care, best price, best service and best health outcomes.

The prescriptions your doctor ordered.

Our number one commitment is to our patients. Our goal is to make fulfilling you prescription(s) entirely stress-free. We do the hard work of coordinating with your doctor and insurance provider so you don’t have to.


We exercise our deep expertise in the PHARMACEUTICAL and insurance industries to navigate the difficult fulfillment process. We do everything we can to make sure patients receive the prescription ordered by their doctor at the lowest possible price.


Our pharmacy representatives coordinate every step of the fulfillment process, from the patient, to the doctors’ offices, to the insurance providers. We keep patients’ records on file to streamline the process as much as possible.


We have spent more than two decades learning how best to engage with every major insurance provider, ensuring that we can accurately answer questions about all dermatological and difficult-to-fulfill prescriptions.