Our team

Nehal Patel

Nehal PatelFounding member of Wyandotte Drugs. Nehal patel has been pharmacist for 10+ years. e brings Experience, Commitment to excellent customer service and Enthusiasm to the team.. He works as a pharmacy manager and our customer service head.

Sapan Vora

Sapan is registered Pharmacist with State of Michigan. With him, he brings lots of energy to work along with staff. One of the best pharmacist in making. His goal is to provide best service while accurately managing safety and efficacy of dispensing.

Lexi Giannini

Lexi GianniniLexi is been working with Wyandotte Drugs for last 4 years as a Technician. She truly proves our mission statement by creating an atmosphere of one family among team members.

Jessica Bitel

Jessica is been with Wyandotte Drugs for more than a year. In this one year with Wyandotte Drugs, she has achieved to be one of the brightest technician and has became an asset to the company. She currently handles all problems associated with prescription processing on our specialty department.

Julia dillon

Julia Dillon works as our logistics department head. She manages all prescription mailing and delivery service and handles complex issues related to that. Julia brings high professionalism and best work ethics into the work and she is a great coworker.

Harsh Patel

Harsh PatelHarsh is the youngest member of our team of Pharmacists. With him, Our staff feel complete. He is very astute and oriented towards managing Pharmacy better way. His suggestions have helped us become more streamlined and efficient.